Duque de Estrada
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While this Web site is dedicated to the surname Estrada, we frequently receive mail from persons with the surname Duque de Estrada, so in this page we strive to answer the basic questions as to their lineage.

In about the 15th. Century, lineages from the surnames Duque and Estrada were united by marriage. From that marriage onwards, the descendants of this new lineage formed a separte family from those of the individual surnames Duque and Estrada.

However, the surnames Estrada and Duque de Estrada share a common place of origin. The documented history tells us that the surname Estrada comes from the place of its name, the small place of Estrada. About six centuries after the establishment of that surname, in that same place a marriage united two lineages from the independent surnames Duque and Estrada.  The descendants of this new lineage decided to carry from that moment onwards the compound surname Duque de Estrada.  So, the modest place of Estrada became the place of origin for the two noble surnames of Estrada and Duque de Estrada 

From the moment of the marriage, the place of Estrada became the property of the descendants of the family Duque de Estrada, in whose posession it remains to this day. At present, the owner is the XI th. Count of the Vega de Sella, don  Ricardo Duque de Estrada y Herrero.
The Tower of Estrada, the focal point of both surnames, has been restored recently as a site of cultural interest in the category of military architecture. It is a place of interest for tourism and it has been granted by its owner, for a period of 100 years, to the Municipality of San Vicente.

The surname

This is what the brothers Alberto and Arturo García Carraffa have to say about this surname in their Surname Dictionary:

"This powerful family was formed, without a doubt, by the marriage of a house from the lineage Duque, from the Mountains of Santander, with one from the lineage Estrada, which had its primitive and very old parcel in the place of Estrada, in the Municipality of the Valley of San Vicente, in the Judicial District of San Vicente de la Barquera (Santander).
On a rocky outcrop you can still see in the said place an old tower and in it, a shield with the eagle that constitutes the coat of arms
(the primitive one) of the lineage Estrada."  The shield is no longer in the tower.

And this is what Julio de Atienza has to say in his Nobiliary Dictionary:
"Duque de Estrada / Castillian. From the Mountains of Santander, formed by the union of the two lineages of Duque and Estrada. A branch moved to Asturias and others to Castille and Colombia."

Here is the evolution of the primitive Coat of Arms of the surname Duque de Estrada according to the brothers García Carraffa. Note that the eagle in the Estrada coat of arms is not crowned:


According to don Francisco Piferrer, an academic studious of genealogy and heraldry who lived in the 19th Century, the arms of Duque de Estrada are slightly different, as we can see in the following coats of arms from his 1863 work on heraldry. The bands of the Duque coat of arms run in a different direction and have the ermine in them, and the location of both coats of arms in the one of alliance is inverted.  The eagle in the Estrada coat of arms is also uncrowned:




Estrada and Duque de Estrada.

The relationship between the two surnames has been explained in the page the Place; however, through time and because of lack of proper information, many Estrada of pure lineage have added Duque to their surname, some believing it referred to the nobiliary title. On the other hand, some Duque de Estrada have dropped Duque, leaving only Estrada and therefore depriving their surname of its rightful lineage. It must be clear that these are two different surnames, even though they stem from the same place of origin.

To make matters more complicated, some Duque have added "de Estrada" to their surname, therefore creating a false linkage to the compound Duque de Estrada surname. Of course, this complicates the genealogical research for those families.


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