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The surname Estrada has had several important members in positions of fame and power. Here we list those we have knowledge of and we also list some famous Estrada who are not really from the Estrada bloodline.

Presidents of republics:

President of Ecuador in 1911: Emilio Estrada Carmona (Bio. in Spanish)

President of Guatemala from 1898 to 1920: Manuel Estrada Cabrera (Bio. in Spanish)

Presidents of Nicaragua:

José María Estrada (1802-1856). President: 12.03.1855 to 22.10.1855
José Dolores Estrada. President: 20.08.1910 to 27.08.1910
Juan José Estrada (1871-1947). President: 30.08.1910 to 09.05.1911

First President of Cuba in 1876, President again in 1902: Tomás Estrada y Palma. Tomas' surname, however, was Duque de Estrada, not Estrada, but for political reasons he decided to drop the "Duque", which has  noble connotations, a political hindrance in a Cuba recently independent from the Spanish Crown. He is not from the pure lineage of Estrada.

President of the Philippines: Joseph Ejército Estrada. This polemic personage adopted the surname Estrada as his artistic name, as he was a soap opera actor. His real surname is Ejército, so he has no blood linkage to the Estrada lineage.


Banker, economist, military strategist , author, opinion writer, industrialist and commercial entrepreneur. Ecuadorian: Víctor Emilio Estrada Sciacaluga (Bio. in Spanish)

Arqueologist, historian and economist, Ecuadorian: Emilio Estrada Icaza

Historian, opinion writer, Ecuadorian: Julio Estrada Icaza

Writer, poet, Ecuadorian: Pastora Aurora Estrada Ayala: http://www.auroraestrada.com

Historian, journalist and publicist, orator and writer. Argentinian: José Manuel de Estrada y Perichón (Bio. in Spanish)


Author. Puertorican: Noel Estrada, author of "Mi bello San Juan" (Look for own Web site).

Model, actress and dancer. Spanish: Natalia Estrada (Look for own Web site).

Actor. Puertorican: Erik Estrada (Look for own Web site).

A useful link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estrada

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