The Tower of Estrada in restoration.

The Municipality of Val de San Vicente pretends to convert the compound of the Tower, walls, chapel, moat and grounds of unique characteristics in the group of medieval fortifications in Cantabria, into a place for tourist information and a library. The project, by Mercedes Diéz, has centered in its first phase on the Tower, reconstructed in the XII Century, although it may have been built in the VIII or IX centuries, as studied by Ortiz Real. In an attempt to maintain the romantic ambiance of the ruins, the silhouette of the tops of the walls have been maintained.

For the roof, a skylight is planned in order to allow for natural light, which would also avoid the need to make alterations to the walls. This roof would give access to the terrace, which has an extraordinary view of the surroundings.
The first phase of the works had the participation of archaeologists directed by Alonso Domínguez. This has allowed for the identification of several parts of the original structure.

In succesive phases the chapel will be converted to an exhibition/meeting hall. Outside the walls a parking area will be established, as well as service buildings.

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