This page has been built thanks to Pura Castresana Estrada, who has made available pictures of the Tower and the compund, as well as the "Eagle's House", in Santillana del Mar, which has a version of the Estrada coat of arms. The pictures were taken in 2004.

The rocky outcrop and the Tower The Tower from outside the walls The path to the Tower
New roof on top of the Tower The chapel in the compound Coats of arms at the chapel's entrance (Duque and Estrada)

The chapel is dedicated to Saint Bartholomew.

In Santillana del Mar there is a house known as the "Eagle's House", which has in its front a variation of the Estrada coat of arms with the eagle.

To the back, slightly to the right, the "Eagle's House" The coat of arms in the front of the house

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