Thursday, 6 April 2006

Val de San Vicente
The restoration of the Tower of Estrada is inaugurated
Fomento, the Government of Cantabria, the Ayuntamiento and the Leader Programa have financed the works

The delegate of the Government in Cantabria, Agustín Ibáńez, and the vicepresident, Dolores Gorostiaga,
inaugurated yesterday the rehabilitation works of the walled precinct and the Tower of Estrada, in the municipality of Val de San Vicente. The following functionaries also participated in the inaugural ceremonies: The Mayor of the Municipality, Miguel Ángel González Vega, and Culture, Tourism and Sports Councilor, Francisco Javier López Marcano. In total, this intervention has represented an investment of 661.100 euros, provided in the following way: Ministerio de Fomento: 300.000 euros, Government of Cantabria: 167.000, Municipality: 120.000, and Leader Program: 74.000.

The works have comprised in the rehabilitation of the elements of the walled precinct, which include a circular barbicane on the top of a hill, a XII century tower with an irregular cuadrangular area and a small, one nave transition romanic-to-gothic chapel, built arround the XIII-XIV centuries. The works have developed an open exterior area that facilitates the access to the walled precinct.

The walled precinct of Estrada was declared a place of cultural interest in the year 1992. The Ministerio de Fomento, through the Cultural 1% fund included in the Intervention Program on the Artistic and Historical Interest of the Architectural Patrimony, has supplied 300.000 euros in two annuities, provided in the years 2004 and 2005.

Inaugurada la restauración  de la Torre de Estrada

The authorities pose by the recently restored Tower. / E. T.


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