This page has been built with the pictorial support of Pura Castresana Estrada, to whom we give our thanks.

The Place

The farming area surrounding The Place

View of the surroundings from the walled emplacement

Southern access to the precinct

Entry to the precinct

The Tower

Should you ever visit the Tower's precinct, be sure to stand in front of it and if possible with one hand on a foundation stone and repeat the family motto: I am from the house of Estrada (declaration of belonging)/ Founded on this rocky outcrop (declaration of location)/ Older than the house of Velasco (declaration of the lineage's antiquity)/ And to the King It owes nothing (declaration of independence and freedom).

Entrance patio

Access stairs to the Tower

Entry to the Tower

The precinct's access path

Southern view from the access path

Eastern face from the entry patio

The Northern and Western faces

The Western and Southern faces

Saint Bartholomew's chapel

The coats of arms of Duque and Estrada

The chapel's altar


Image of Saint Bartholomew

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